Excellence brewing on ERC20.

Pepe Light is a fizzy token that packs a punch.



Total Supply
Max Wallet
Max Transaction

Transactional Tax System (2% allocated to dev fund)

$PEPEL - 2023-2024 Roadmap

Q4 2023

Q1 2024

  • 1. Initialize alpha for musical program.
  • 2. CEX listing and governance adoption.
  • 3. Phase 2 marketing begins.
  • 4. CMC / CG listing.
  • 5. NFT Gen 1!
  • 6. Yet another giveaway!
  • 7. Take a break to drink more juice...

Q2 2024

  • 1. Initalize beta for musical program.
  • 2. Begin Phase 3 of marketing.
  • 3. NFT Gen 2!
  • 4. Another giveaway!?
  • 5. NFT Gen 3!
  • 6. Lock liquidity for 420 years.
  • 7. Announce secret project.


Frequently Asked Questions...

Listen, any financial investment for cryptocurrency is a risk due to the volatile nature of Web3.

We are still in the infant stages of development when it comes to how and where any crypto asset can function in society as a whole. With this in mind, we as a team are not endorsing Pepe Light as a token that will assuredly generate revenue for you or pump your bags. Hey, the least we could do is launch a solid contract that does not allow minting more tokens, halting trading, blacklisting, and so on... Any investment of funds should be met with scrutiny, dilligent research, and professional financial consultation.

As both enthusiasts of crypto and investors ourselves, we cannot make a claim in good faith that this token will make you rich; it is an authentic, solid contract provided by our partner Get Money Digital. Additionaly we happen to love the cryptosphere and want to make something cool...

That's pretty much it.

Anyone who offers you a get rich quick scheme is probably just trying to take your money. If you're interested in supporting our project simply join our Telegram and feel free to ask us any questions about Pepe Light. This project is created by a bunch of /biz/raelis who simply want to make it without doing it the wrong way, and believe us when we say it could be way easier for us to make money by rugging people. DYOR.

We hope you embark with us on our journey to the moon.

You betcha!

While some projects may benefit from renouncing ownership, we feel like it'd be best to remain involved and see how things develop.


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